Monday, September 10, 2007

£100 f/o Luton 9th September

With the end of the first period of the G Casino League, I need to play a few more tourneys than usual to secure my place.
And as the "better Half" is in Egypt for a week I decided to go play the £100 on Sunday.

Got off to an impressive start getting to 25k pretty quickly. There was this one guy who was trying to "copy" my play by overbetting , I thought he was at it but decided to see for sure.
He sat 2 to my left and I made a week play on a board, and sure enough he came over the top. I folded (giving it all the hollywood saying I had a massive hand - which I didnt, just to get him to let me see if he was capable of a bluff). He showed a bluff! Fantastic! He had 20k and I knew I was going to have them all quite easily.

It didnt take too long to get ALL of his chips into the middle, I was holding 22 on a flop of J 2 7. It went check by me, he bet, I re raised (overbet but left PLENTY back) he couldnt resist in shoving. CALL! :)

So sitting on 45k and the closest on my table had 18k I felt VERY comfortable and was gathering more chips, then we got new players. One was Rob Garfield who sat 2 to my left had 40K. That was not good as this now restricted my stealing abbilities somewhat. However I did not have to worry for long. I was BB and a small stack pushes for 8k. Rob is next to act and moves all in for his 40K stack!! (Apart from me no one else had over 20k). Another small stack 7k odd, joined the all in and it is folded to me. I look down and see KK. CALL
Rob had 66 - strange play I thought, but I wasnt complaining and that took me to over 90k.
VERY next hand I have had plenty of banter with this one guy, you know the usual (I am going to have all your chips, pass quicker, grow some balls and call me , and such like). Well he raises from the cut off (having about 15k). I look down in the SB and find aces! ALL IN I announce (pretty much about 100k!) He couldnt resist calling me and that was the end of him!

This left 3 tables left and I had almost 20% of the chips in play!

Moved to 2 tables and it all went wrong. Had a calling station who took 70k+ from me with K4 (called all the way with bottom pair on a straightening/flushing board!), 2 3 called a raise form me while I had AQ and hit the 2. Called half of his 30k stack with A 7 (I had AQ) and flop was 10 10 7. He checked to me I set him all in he called holding A 7.

This left me making final table with a measly 36k :( He was outdrawing everyone and got to the final table with 150k+

Didnt take long for him to demise in 7th place I think. I managed a disapointing 5th but still a £500 payday again.


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