Sunday, December 02, 2007

ECOOP event 2 $100 rebuy PLO8

Decided to give this one a bash.

540 runners in this baby with 20 minute clock and 3000 starting stack. rebuys were 3000 more and the add on 4000. First prize of $23k

I took the rebuy almost straight away (new implementation into ipoker software and about time too!). My stack was never in danger and I was going along nicely.

Managed to get to 9k at the add on so came back with 13k and blinds of 50 100.

So $300 invested and I was liking my start.

I was in the top 20 all the way through the field with over twice the average stack until 20 left when I got moved to a hyper aggressive table with very very few hands that were not potted pre flop and I went totally card dead (hands like K J 6 8 rainbow etc...)

Then this hand occured. I have drifted down to 75k and am in the BB for 8k with Ad Jh 3S JC. Again it is potted from the c/o (who has 80k) and the button calls (who has 230k). I decide that this is the time to gamble with my made high and the 2nd nut low. Was this a good plan? I still am undecided, but my reasons for taking the gamble here was that the money for 20th ($850) was the same as 11th and it was the best hand I had seen for a while.

They both call, one had AS 2C Qh 8S and the other had AC AH 2S 3D - the AA23 taking the high with 2 pairs and the A2Q8 taking the low.

Maybe I should fold here? Even with hindsite I am unsure.

The next ECOOP event I like the look of is the $750 nlh with 5k starting and 30 minute levels, but am undecided as to weather to play or not.


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