Sunday, March 16, 2008

Short Update

Well played the $100 freezeout on ipoker, the deepstack one and finished 4th for $1k and also played the €109 freezeout on Poker Trillion with €5k added! This is fantastic value as only 30 odd runners enter this one. I was cruising along when I trap check this guy on a A 7 2 board holding AQ - this was after raising preflop and getting one caller. I checked the flop and he fired out a big bet and I pushed. He calls with 10 10 and duly hits. This was for a pot to go 2nd in chips with 15 left - oh well always next week. Its on every Thursday.

No live comps due to Sundays at Luton being cut to 7500 chips and the wednesday comp only attracting around 35 runners.


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