Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007 as a whole

2007 has been the worse year for me pokerwise since I started playing some 5/6 years ago by a long stretch.

All I have to show is a 2 week trip to Vegas (Binions Fessie) and a holiday for the good lady to Egypt. A VERY poor year indeed.

Online is where I have lost money, but as I play fewer and fewer tournies, the variance suggests that wins will now take longer to achieve. Thats not to say the standard online has not changed, it has. Immensely!

Online has become so ultra LAG that I have had to change my play to compensate for this. And this has proved difficult at times, but something I know I need to do to survive.

Online cash was probably break even overall, not helped by a couple of VERY BIG TILT periods. Playing while in a mood is something I must not do. It is a definate No No.

Live is where I have made my profit from, both MTT's and cash. Trouble is, with a family it is sometimes hard to justify the time spent playing poker - especially after a loosing session.

So 2007 all in all was a pretty terrible year poker wise and one I am glad to see the back of tbh. 2008 MUST be better.


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