Tuesday, March 18, 2008

£5k guaranteed at Equal Chance

This was a £50 buy in with an optional top up costing £25. 5000 chips for each so effectively a 10000 chip £75 freezeout.

Over 80 runners for this, what a good turnout for a Monday night comp.

I must admit, I love the place and is now my new poker home.

The comp itself went very well, it was only a 20 minute clock but I found the chips/structure ok. There was still room to play some "proper poker".

I found myself on the final table again in good shape, was playing very well again and felt I had it in the bag. It was my Final Table and I was running over it with some considerable ease, then 5 handed the poker gods popped up and said "not tonight sunny!".

UTG raised to 45k which I flat called on the button with Kings. At this point I was 2nd in chips and they were 1st in chips (although not by much) Circa 200k each from the 800k in play.
The flop comes 6 7 9 rainbow. They continuation bet out of 50k and I instantly moved all in for 100k more. I had made this play a few times before and taken down pots without contention so I was just waiting for this exact situation in the hope they got boored of me doing it.

In the end they decide to call. On their backs, they have AK. I turn over KK to the table amazement lol.

The turn card comes an Ace - Marvelous! lol

So a 5th place finish for just over £500 not a bad nights work. Very gutted as I thought that comp was mine for the taking. I still lost with dignity though as always.

I will return again on Friday for a similar comp, this time its a £6k guaranteed comp for £60 with an optional £30 top up for 6000 chips a time!

3 final tables in a row? I think so :)


Blogger Amatay said...

I went to Equal Chance prolly over a yr ago now and it was abit of a shit hole tbh, has it been done up or summat?

10:35 PM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

I have no idea what it used to be like. but the food is excelent, the staff really friendly, the tournaments well run.

They have 12 full size kidney tables (by full size I mean proper 10 seaters) all in new condition with comfortable chairs.

I certainly wouldnt call it a shit hole.

3:49 AM  

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