Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What is it with 3rd being a stumbling block?

This weekend saw another choice for me - I usually play the Western's £250 + £100 2 day comp. 10k chips with an "optional" 10k rebuy/add on. This comp always clashes with DTD's 321 £300 2 day comp.
Having given it some thought (and the fact that the western increased the buy in to £300 + £100) I decided to travel to DTD. Both comps are £20k guarantee's. So i log onto DTD poker, buy in online and set off for Nottingham.
The comp itself has a lovely structure - 45 minute levels starting at 25 50 with the ante's kicking in at 100 200. 10k chips to start.
The draw is made and I am on the same table as TK - even sitting next to him.
I make good progress and am soon on 18k but a few lost pots later I find myself down to 7k ish - but with the structure I was still not in any trouble. I managed to hit a set of 7's against someone holding AA who could not release on the low flop putting me above 15k again. I increased my stack to almost 30k - even running into TK holding Aces twice and him flopping the nut flush who checked to the river - when the board paired and i fired out a bet - he called.
Late into day 1 I get involved in a hand with Richard Berridge - it was a SB BB confrontation, I was the BB. He made a standard raise from the SB and I decided to see a flop with K 8 hearts. The flop came J 5 7 with two hearts. He bet out 3k (as I expect him to) and I decide to take another card. It comes a non heart 6 and he checks to me. I try and take the pot here and fire out 7k - I overbet this only leaving myself with 16k - Richard immediately comes over the top and sets me all in.
Decision time - with overbetting the turn I had only left myself 16k but with a chance of winning the pot (over 50k) I felt my draw and the pot was too good a chance to pass up and make the call.
Richard turns over AJ for TPTK but the river comes a heart and I now have over 50k and am probably close to chip lead.
I finish the day with 46k sitting 9th from 30 odd.
2nd day sees me yoyo somewhat, but not making much progress and then the dreaded bubble comes - this was after 4 complete levels of 16 players left!!
The bubble is where I have exited alot of comps - maybe I tend to become too aggressive but I continued to put people to the test - getting all in plenty of times only to be looked up 3 or 4 times - on all occasions I find myself dominated (QJ vs AJ and Q7 vs AQ etc) everytime I hit. The bubble finally burst and I find myself winning a huge pot with KQsuited. This chinese guy (good player) had been using position very well and had raised my BB several times. On this occasion I decided to make a stand with KQ diamonds and shove over the top of him for 80k!! To my horror he called and showed AJ - I hit a K to take him out and see me make the final table with 140k (3rd I believe)
Again I went for the win - getting lucky a few times but we all need to get lucky dont we?
Soon it is 3 handed so £4.5k locked up but I wanted the £11k first place - it was not to be and finally went out holding 99 vs AK. It was my BB and he raised to 50k (blinds were 8k 16k) I had 170k. I thought about flat calling and shoving on a non AK board but took the all in approach - he called and hit a K on the turn.

So back to the title, I cannot seem to break the 3rd mark in bigger comps - but I will continue and feel that the big win is just around the corner.

Fantastic structure at DTD.


Blogger vinny said...

well done mate. great result.

4:47 AM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Cheers Vinny, as always though I am disapointed not to have taken that one down.

Maybe I can take down the Ladbrookes Irish Poker Festival event?

9:41 AM  

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