Saturday, October 25, 2008

First Poker since Killarney

Wel with moving house 2 weeks ago, I have had no time for poker - i do miss it, but I am enjoying the many projects I have to do on the new house.

Anyway, last night, I decided to take a break from the house and visit Luton G to play in their £250 2 dayer event.

Slightly disapointing 41 runners, but as I have said, my first Poker for over 2 weeks and I was very eager. I started of well and continued until the last level of the evening. I was on just over 30k - very comfortable to return for day 2, but I then lost 10k in one pot and finally managed to hang on and finished with a measly 16.4k.

9 returned for day 2 and it was already agreed to take £100 of top 5 and pay 8th and 9th £250. I was very low, but not the lowest! lol Blinds were 1k 2K so I needed an early double. 3 hands in and in 2nd position I find AJ - in it goes but I am not liking the re raise all in behind me. Sure enough he flips Kings, so drawing to an ace the flop produces a Jack, then the magical Jack on the turn sees me double up. I never looked back from then and was chip leader with 5 left. I remained so until heads up. We were dead level on just over 200k each and with blinds 8k 16k we both decided to lock up £2.5k and play for the last £300. This went on for 3 whole 45 minute levels when I raise with 10 10 and get re raised, I push and got the obligatory call with K4. Blank flop and turn but a K on the river sealed the deal. In the end, the guy only got £50 more than me as he had already agreed to pay out £125 to two of his mates if he won. lol

Pleased with my performance overall and very happy to bag another £2.5k

Profit on live tourneys this year is looking very healthy indeed :)


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