Friday, January 09, 2009

DTD £300 £50k Guaranteed - January

Went to play this as I love the structure at DTD. Only 10k chips but VERY slow clock and I do well here (cashed 5 from 6 attempts including 3 final tables)

First time this comp has had a guarantee of £50k - which they smashed with 1st being £27k!!! (300+ runners! and they would of had more if they had enough dealers!)

Day one had a slowish start but got paid off from the two table donks - was just waiting to catch them (you know the ones, overbet pre and post flop and cannot let go of a hand ;) ). Things progressed well (staying above average) until table break - this happened quite late on in day one which was real bad timing. Also the table I was moved to had HUGE stacks on it and I did not know any of the players.

I did manage to donk off 6k to Pete Linton - doh :( Then saw him get his 45k+ stack all in against 3 others!! He held QJ and was slightly blessed to be up against AK A10 and K9. With a Q hitting the flop saw him move into the chip lead of 120k for the end of day one!

So, back to my late table move. I have just below average and find AQ suited in the c/o. I make a standard raise (my first at the table having only played two hands previous - both folded), Immediately the guy on the button announces "all in". I would only have 5xBB if I call and loose and with 20+BB still left after my raise I reluctantly folded. Not knowing anything about the player was my main consideration.

So made day two and with 80 players coming back it was going to be a long day!

Most people were a little cagy on my table so I took full advantage and collected alot of blinds and ante's. About 10 from the bubble I lost a crucial race against a shorty which then left me too short to be able to "play" poker. I survived until the bubble where I found myself moving all in blind UTG with 7xBB. Fortunately two others went out on another table before our hand was dealt so I had cashed again - allbeit only for £450. So after the table changes I am UTG and move all in (seeing an ace) I get called by the guy who I folded AQs to earlier - he had A 10 and I held A 5 - No help for me and I was out.

Incidently with 40 left, me and that guy had similar chip stacks - difference is, when he called my all in he had 300k+ - some people are just blessed with cards and situations at the right time. He had AA KK QQ and AK all in one level and got paid on each!

The final table was a bit of a shambles really - with some sort of deal done 5 ways meaning the winner only took £15k - Seems a real scared deal to me to give away £12k but each to their own!

Next stop is the £300 2 dayer at Luton this weekend. Hopefully it is 10k chips with a decent structure. DTD'd structure would be great but I wont hold my breath. 25 50, 50 100, 75 150, 100 200, 100 200 with 25 ante etc.......

We will see........


Blogger Alex Martin said...

update + wow you are an affiliate whore :)

3:27 AM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

lol@affiliate whore - nothing new there ;)

As for updating, not much to update tbh, have been too busy to play poker :( Although I did manage DTD £300 again - and failed to make day 2.

I am off to Equal Chance tomorrow for their £20k guaranteed , so will write up the two reports together soon

7:48 AM  

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