Monday, March 30, 2009

2 comps played

Well I have played 2 more comps, the £100 f/o at Equal Chance and the £100 f/o at Luton (well I needed to defend my title! lol)

£100 f/o at Equal Chance - I do like this comp as I have said before and the venue is fantastic. I dominated my table from start to finish and looked like getting another good finish. It did help to double up on the first orbit with KK. I was the BB with KK and get the usual 8 limpers. I make it 700 and get two callers. Flop 33K (not a bad flop :)) I check, first guy bets 1500, second one calls so do i. Turn (cant remember) again I check and the first guy checks behind me, the second guy bets 3000 and I am trying to think how to get all his money and decide to flat call (the first guy folds) My plan was a small milky bet on the river, but I didnt need to worry as the guy shoves on the river out of turn. Happy days! He had A3.
As Ive said, I was in no trouble at all , increasing my stack all the way down to 12 when I get KK on the button. I had been VERY busy witht he button and make the same 4xBB raise. SB folds and BB moves all in for 80k (I have 88k) folds to me and I call. He has JJ. Flop Q 9 10 (Ugly) blank on the turn and 8 on the river sealed it for him. So down to 8.8k. Next hand LP makes it 5k to go and I move all in with 77. The BB folds and the origional raiser does not say anything, does not move anymore chips but turns his hand over and he has KK. Someone at the table says "What are you doing?" He replies "I call". "Your hand is dead my friend" he says. "I agree" i say. TD rules hand is dead. Ouch.
I shove the next hand with K 10 and get looked up by A9. No help and I exit in 12th.
The KK vs JJ would have given me a big chip lead going into final - Oh well.

The Luton £100 - With my title on the line (lol) I am looking foward to this one. I have a fast start and am soon on 15k at the first break. It got 89 runners this week! So a nice £3.1k for first. The next three levels are a waste of time with me yo-yo ing up to 23k and back to 15k at least 3 times, finally finishing the next 3 levels with the same 15k.
After the break was a different story and I get my stack upto 125k and make final table with good chips. I take out a couple of short stacks and we are soon 5 handed and I have 170k (chip leader) but with blinds at 8000 16000 it was anyone's game. I suggest a chop of £1500 each and play for £600. With no play left I think this is a good deal all round . £1500 being more than 3rd place money (£1300). One guy says play on. Fair enough so we play on. This made me determined to win. I know it was his choice to playon but I think it was a good deal at that time. I get dealt KK JJ and AA in one round! NO action with KK or JJ . but with AA I get looked up with A6. He gets there with 2 6's on the flop. Marvelous! Still leaves me with 140k. 2 rounds later and I am again Chip Leader. Soon there are 4 of us left, one very short and someone suggests a deal. This time I say "Lets play it out completely". When another falls again a deal is suggested "I want to play it out now" is my reply. Soon we are heads up and again I turn down a deal. £1700 for 2nd and £3100 for 1st.
I start heads up with 450k vs 280k. With blinds 10k 20k I find no hands and he is shoving like mad and it is soon almost evens when I find AA on the SB. I limp. He checks. Flop is 4 J 7. I bet 25k and he calls. Turn is a 2 and I bet out again 50k. He thinks of calling but instead announces "All in" I call and he has K4. No help on the river and I take it down again!
Woop! Woop!


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well played fish.

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