Monday, April 13, 2009

DTD £60k 11th April

My Fav comp in the UK by far but with lots going on this weekend, I thought the field may be a little smaller than usual. Well it was, but only just!! 290odd runners was still a VERY good turnout.

My starting tabe was a very good one, most people waiting for hands and only playing post flop when they connected and were unwilling to put alot of chips in with marginal hands. Within 3 orbits I was on 18k and only one showdown I think. From there I got that "stumbling block" feeling where I kept bouncing between 18k and 10k.

There was this one guy on our table, who reminded me why I do not drink any more. He was totally wasted, and as time went on he became more of a wanker! Abusing the dealers/valets, constantly swearing and generally being a pain in the arse. Now me being me , I couldnt let it go on. There was one hand where a guy had been re raised all in on the turn and had a big decision. This twat then pipes up (who wasnt in the hand and was at the other end of the table) with his usual shit "What you gonna do now?" "Been caught have ya?" etc...
"Leave it out m8, he has a decision. Respect other players, youre not even in the hand so be quiet!" I say. He then turns on me. I remain silent until the hand has finished. "Look m8, you were not in the hand and the guy had a decision, you should show a bit of etiquette and keep quiet"
"Did he hear me? Did he hear me?" was his reply.
"I dont care if he heard you or not, thats not the point. Just stop being an arse"
This quietened him down a bit but I could tell he was gunning for me. Then a hand occurred where I just knew he had nothing. I had raised preflop and he repopped me. I flat (with position). He fires the flop and I call. He then fires the turn and I re raise him. He re raises me quite big (over 50% of his stack)and I call quickly. Still convinced he had nothing. He bets really small on the river and I move in. He folds quickly muttering to himself that I got lucky. I tld him I couldnt even remember what I had and I was just outplaying him. He still remained quite quiet but couldnt help telling his mates what a clever cunt I was! lol

I finished the day with 24300 and 80 odd left..............


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