Monday, April 13, 2009

DTD £60k 11th April - Day 2

So being quite short I knew I had to get busy, but with 25+ BB's I decided to sit tight for a couple of orbits. I pick up KK on the SB and make a raise (after a few limpers) and take down the pot - I show the KK.
Next hand I play was again the SB and again I raised the limpers. Again it is folded and again I table KK.
With a rock like image now I took full advantage of this (which was a good thing as I went totally card dead!). I quickly got to almost 40k without showdown then I got moved tables.
For some reason I decided to make this play. I am BB and face a standard raise from the button. I didnt feel he had much and thought of repopping pre but flatted instead. My intentions were to check raise the flop if he made an obvious CBet. Flop was Q 2 5 and I checked. He made a CBet and I moved in with A 5. He tanked for a bit but then called and showed Q 7. I received no help and was down to 6.5k (almost 5xBB)
Next 3 hands I open shoved and received no callers so I had doubled up.
Then this hand occurs. I have 11k back and in the BB (for 1600). it is multi limped (5 I think) and I have 4 6. I thought about moving in but not too sure what UTG had limped with so decided to see the free flop. 2 4 6 all diamonds was the flop.
SB checks and I decide this was a good spot to push. folded round to the button who flat calls (he had 100k+ at the time). He tables 77 no diamonds and I trebble up.
Soon after with blinds 1k 2k, I raise the button with AK to 7500. SB folds and BB thinks for a while then shoves for 40k+.
Now I have a decision, with 25k back I could still play poker. Did I want to gamble here to double up? My decision was made a little easier as I had played with this guy most of yesterday and he knew I was capable of raising with any 2 and I knew he was capable of shoving with any 2 from the blinds. So a chance I might even be ahead here and I make the call. He tables 44. Flop was no good for me but the turn bought the Ace and the river bricked. So i am now on almost 80k! (15 minutes from being on 6.5k)
Table breaks soon after and with 40 odd left I find Sam Trickett to my right. This hand is my undoing. I am BB (for 2400) and it is folded round to Sam who completes from the SB. I have 8 6. flop comes 2 5 6. Sam bets 3k and I call.
J on the turn and Sam fires 6k. I re raise to 17k and Sam calls. River is a brick and with only 25k back Sam checks the river. I feel Sam will call the shove so I give up. He tables 10 6 and takes the pot.
With hindsight, I think I should shove the turn here, or at least move in on the river.
I manage to get back to 30k when I find AQ in the SB. 2 limpers and Sam makes it 8k from the button. I shove and receive two callers (Sam being one of them). Flop is 5 6 8, and first to act bets out 20k. Sam passes and the guy shows 77. So i have 6 outs for a 100k pot but get no help and I exit in 41st place.

Generally pleased with the way I played and only slight concerns over that SB BB hand with Sam.

So thats another DTD £60k comp without a cash. :(

Equal Chance £20k this weekend is my next venture.


Blogger Alex Martin said...

nice report m8. gl at equal chance

8:47 PM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Ta Alex, you coming?

So do you think there was a better way to play the 6 8 SB hand ? Maybe raise the flop? Shove the turn?

2:39 AM  

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