Tuesday, January 08, 2008

OK, Ive played two live tourneys...................

Only 2 though, since my last post.

Both were £100 f/o at Luton. They couldnt of been more different.

First one I played last Sunday I was on 20k by the first break and 30k by the second break - nice easy tables you see ;) (Also helped by raising with Q 9 late position with a caller from the SB, flopped set 9's and quadded up on the river, smooth caller had AA)

Anyway, down to last 2 tables and comfortable in chips I was looking to take a big stack to the final table. One orbit was my undoing. In that orbit I had AK suited 4 times. Once on the BB and the action went raise, re raise - I passed.

The other 3 times I ran into shortish stacks with QQ and lost all 3 races - from comfortable to out.

The sunday just gone was a different story all together. I never got above the 10k starting stack. My initial table was "calling at all stations" and I couldn't hit a thing.

So nothing wrong in either tournament, no cashes, but such different results.

I also played 2 live sessions of Dealers Choice at Luton after the comps. 1st time sat with min £100 and spun it up to £450 but got greedy and lost it all.
2nd time, I left with £300.

Online, I have played one tourney on Stars. Started well but then had QQ into KK (all in pre flop) then AA into JJ on a J high board.

My Plan for 2008 is to deposit £1000 onto one site and play solely cash. Starting at 50c £1 NLH (4 tables for 4 hours ish a day). I will be moving up levels when I have 40 x max Buy in , and moving down when I have only 10 x buyin at the current level.
Hopefully I can build a roll to be playing $2 $4 by May.

This weekend I have another trip to Cardiff for the Welsh APAT event - last year I bubbled. I have gone deep in all APAT events I have played but have fallen fowl of the poker gods. This time I am looking to FT.
I feel I have a significant edge in the APAT events, in that I play alot of live and can read people pretty well, we will just have to wait and see if I can dodge the "gamblers".

Happy 2008 all !!