Sunday, October 21, 2007

€5000 Freeroll on Poker Heaven

Yes €5000 freeroll on Poker Heaven in November.

All you have to do to be eligble is to download the software from my site or the banner at the top of this blog. Then visit "The Player Zone" - link can be found on my site and thats it!!

You could walk away with a nice tidy amount of €'s for nothing!!

Good Luck!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Whats been happening?

Well, truth be told, not much.

I would of liked to post about every tourney I play, but tbh it would get very booring quickly - especially of late. Same old same old I'm afraid. Play well, get chips, loose crucial hand at the crucial stage.

Off to the Blonde Bash tomorrow for a good craic.

Also, really looking foward to the Waterford comp in Ireland next month. Top structure - including the side events!

Trying like mad to get into the GUKPT main final event - have now played 3 of the $140 rebuy sats online - and with only 20-30 players and a slow structure, there really is no need to rebuy. The downside is that only one prize. Still £70 for a $7500 prize aint too shabby. So far I have been 3rd, 5th and 14th.

Also, there are now sats running on Poker Heaven for GUKPT. Will certainly give these a try. Poker heaven has running ante's which changes the game greatly and I prefer them.

Lastly, my website has been updated - also includes a "latest news" page. I am currently investigating the possibility of having an RSS feed so that people know when the site changes.

Thats it for now.........