Wednesday, April 30, 2008

$10,000 freeroll!!!

Yes, you read it right, a $10,000 freeroll for ALL new players!

Poker Trillion is where it is!

This freeroll is on tomorrow evening, so be quick!!

Also, the $500 new player freeroll is password protected, so once you have joined, email me for the password.

There is also a rake race commencing 1st May - where the top 20 rakers for the month will be invited to play for a $4500 WSOP mini package

(My website will change soon)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Whats been happening ..................

Well since my last post, I have been back to Equal Chance every Monday and Friday (4 comps in all) - I love the place!!

In all 4 comps I have managed to accumulate alot of chips early on but have managed to bust out in the "2 table" crapshoot mode. This is when the blinds are way to big for the stack sizes (Av stack = under 10xBB). To me this stage is get chips for the final table - you just need a hand or two to go your way.

The good thing is that because it is such a crapshoot at this stage, it rarely takes more than one level to go from 2 tables to the final table - meaning you CAN play on the final table as the ratio of blinds to the av stack size is alot better.

Playing very well there, but it does seem to be a good place for me early on. I seem to hit every draw I go for in the eraly stages AND get paid off. Typical example was last night - I had shown a bluff early on with 7 4 o/s calling a raise and flop and turn bet, only for them to check the river so I took the pot and showed. Afterwards I limped into a multiway pot with 6 9 only for the flop to come 669 but more importantly got paid off! Then this poor lad raised my BB from 1st position to 450 (blinds 25 50) all fold to me. By now I have over 20k from the origional starting 6k so I am seeing a flop here with my 3 4 o/s. Pretty obvious he had a BIG pair AA or KK. Well the flop comes A x x. I have no hand no draw and check, he checks behind. Turn comes 2. Maybe he has KK and I can take the pot away from him? So I bet out 700. He calls. River comes 5. I check and he bets 1200. I move all in, he calls and has AA - It gets better,,,,,,,, so he reloads and I have now busted 3 players and have a mountain of chips and am controlling the table. I have a short stack to my right and the SB and BB have both had their add on and are under 5k. It is folded to the guy on my right who limps in for 200. I am the c/o and decide to raise here and pressure the short stacks. I make it 900 (My hand 5 7 o/s). SB folds, but the BB (same guy who I busted his aces) moves all in. It is another 1900 to call. I am going to pass until the guy to my right also goes all in for 1500. So now I have massive value here and cannot pass. I appologise to them both, call and turn over 5 7. I am up against AK and A9. Flop x x 7 x x and I take them both out. So at the first break I have 32k.

Thats the sort of thing that happens to me there - I also think I am playing better because I enjoy the actual club and the people though, but I admit, things like that certainly help!

I also went to Luton on a Sunday for their £100 f/o. I didnt really want to go, as I do not like the fact that they have cut the starting chips to 7500 but we had a house full of kids that were sleeping over, so I decided to go anyway.
Wish I hadnt, I didnt enjoy the comp, the structure was not as I was led to believe (ie 100 200 then 100 200 with 25 ante), it went 100 200 then 200 400 then 200 400 with 25 ante. This jump is too big imo with only 7500 starting chips.
I busted quite early from the comp and things got worse, I ended up doing £400 in the cash game as well as having to be subjected to threatening behaviour from 4 guys who had had too much to drink. Thankfully they calmed down though.
It did piss me off a bit though as I felt it was not my place to stand up to them, but no one else would. not even the cardroom staff! (to be fair to the staff though, they were short that night).

So thats my live scene since the last post. The plans for the next week or so are to play: friday at Equal Chance the 321 at DTD this weekend, the monday at Equal Chance, the £250 omaha at the Springfest then off to Newcastle for the weekend for the Virgin fessie. I may not play both the 321 and the omaha though - will see what funds are like.

As for online, I have started my challenge (mentioned at the tale end of last year) although I didnt start with £1000, I started with £800 with the intention of playing £100NL 6 max. It was a bit short for that level but I was hoping for a good start. It did not happen and infact it got worse! Together with playing a couple of comps (which I said I wouldnt do) and a loss of 8xbuyins, the challenge looked all but over. However, it is not all doom and gloom. I decided to play $50NL with the remaining $300 - still 6 max. I have done alot of research online and watched vids on how to beat $50NL - one of the best ones I saw was by pokertrix. The style of play is very basic, not exciting at all but it does work! I have a tendency though once I have reached $150 on a table to start to play "poker" which is bad because at this level i find it does not work most of the time.

Anyhow, after a week of this - total of 6600 hands (3 tbls and sometimes 5 tbls)I have doubled the roll to over $600 , running at 9BB/100 - which I feel is good - hopefully I can continue at this level. This is without the "loyalty bonus" I am entitled to - not sure how much it will be but probably around the $100 mark I would guess.

Thats it for now...........