Monday, July 30, 2007

Times are changing!

Hi All

Some news.

As you can see, things have changed a little!

I am now associated with Poker Heaven (could you tell? lol)

The move from DTD to Poker Heaven was ammicable and I still remain 'friends' with those at DTD. I will still support the live club in anyway I can and will be there when it opens.

I have a new website which will be up and running VERY soon. The address is

I will post again when it is live.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Final post re Vegas 2007

Well just to sum up really, as well as a couple of stories :
Binnions was a fantasticly well run fessie, and all being well, I will return next year.

Anyone considering going to Vegas, take your partner, or at least go with a mate. This way, you will have company and will be less likely to leak money on Roulette/Black Jack and other table games as well as the dreaded fruit machines!

Overall, I was slightly down for my tournaments, and somehow slightly down on cash as well.
This was my first venture to downtown Vegas, and I found it very nice. Previously I had been on the Strip the whole time. This time however, I did not venture to the Strip once - I did not feel the need to do so. All the casino's on Freemont Street are REAL close, taxi costs are non existent as Casino hopping was litterally a few second stroll.
I must mention a few stories from my many cash sessions - all of which were far far too long to be honest. There was this one guy (pictured left) who was obviously a real player - he was there every night with plenty of "green" as he put it. This was the guy who had 99 when I had 44 (see earlier posts).
Well anyway, I sat down another night and was controlling the table, again taking my $300 to almost $800 when this guy sits down. The man pictured left was also at the table. The new guy who sat down looked very familiar to me but I could not put a name to the face.
Anyway, this new guy was raising every hand, and every street. He had plenty of mouth to go with it and got into a slagging battle with the guy pictured to the left.

It was getting really annoying that I knew this new guy but could not remember where from, nor put a name to the face.
Then it suddenly hit me when these two got into another slanging match, and this new guy says to the other guy, I am going to take great joy in busting you, to which the guy replied "you dont have enough money to bust me little boy" then this new guy replies laughing "dont you know who I am?"
Then it hit me - it was Brian Wilson!!
I then took at least 30 minutes winding Brian up, by saying I know you "Brian" and I know you "Brian Wilson" - lol , he was getting really puzzled as I was dropping other little comments in that I had picked up from Blonde.
Eventually I told him who I was and I then just sat back and watched the fireworks between Brian and this guy.

One hand springs to mind, the other guy had AA and raised preflop, Brian re raises, The other guy then re raises and Brian moves all in for close to $900 which the other guy duly calls. Brian proudly flips over 6s 7s and says "thats real poker baby" - the other guy was not so impressed as Brian went on to flop/turn/and river a straight for a pot close to $1700 on a $1 $2 game!!! lol
It was such a joy to watch Brian play - he was ultra aggressive and hit some wicked outdraws, none against me thankfully, but I was just watching rather than playing - although I was waiting for 7 4 so that I could get in a pot with Brian and move all in! But it didnt happen.
Another cash story I have is one that involved one guy obviously playing well outside his bank roll. I was sitting at a $1 $2 game, (after loosing $500 on a $1 $2 p/l omaha table). I sat with $200 and built this up to $650. There were 3 young Americans at the table, all sat with around $700 and we were all having a real laugh. Then this one guy sits down with one stack of red chips (thats $100 lol). Well these americans were ripping the piss out of this poor old boy who had obviously came to play a serious game with his $100. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he took out his wallet and produced his last $400 which he exchanged for chips.
This poor guy was being pushed all over the place by me and these Americans by overbetting flops and taking them away from him uncontested- then this hand happened :
I am the BB. The first American raised it to $10, the second American called, as did the 3rd American as did this serious guy. I look down to find KK and re raise it to $75 (overbet as I had done on many occassions). All the American guys passed then this serious guy said "I raise" - music to my ears! He could not have AA, not after calling a $10 preflop raise by 3 people infront of him. He makes it $150.
Now these Americans are sitting in seats 1 2 and 3, with the serious guy in seat 4. I am in seat 7 so directly opposite the Americans.
As soon as this guy says "Raise to $150" I move all my chips into the middle of the table and just sit there motionless. I could feel this serious guy staring at me and I felt obliged to look up at him. As I did, I caught sight of the young Americans who were laughing about something, and I just started to laugh myself. The more I laughed, the more they did and the more I did. To the point that I was almost crying with laughter!

All the time, this serious guy was looking straight at me wondering what to do. I looked at him and said "Please do not read anything into this laughter, it has nothing to do with the strenght of my hand" Well with this he says "Call"

He flips over AK - AK ffs!! lol and he called of all his chips preflop.

Needless to say I did win that pot and he looked totally dejected. Thinking about it afterwards, what I said to him I was genuinely trying to help him to fold, but in the end induced the call.

I will sign off with a few pictures, including a view from my Hotel window, some views of Freemont street - A visit you MUST make at night to see the fantastic light show - it is out of this world!! Also a Pic of Mike - THE BEST DEALER IN BINIONS - and such a character to boot! Also a cracking pic of a local downtown resident! (guess which one lol)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The 2nd $500 tourney

Better preparation for this one - I arrived with an hour to spare! lol

I was expecting alot of people for this and was suprised with just under 200 runners.

Mr Moves, and his pal were also playing this.

Got drawn on Mr Moves table - who doubled up quite early on. Then after drifting back down to 15k, he made a mistimed move and lost all but 1000 chips :(

Myself got off to a slow start gradually adding to my initial stack of 10k. I continued to play well again and down to 3 tables I had an average stack then went card dead. There was one person on my table who was obviously inexperienced and only had 2 moves. All in or fold - regardless of how many chips he had. It was commented on by another player at the table by saying "cant you play poker?" which I found a little out of order, but maybe he was trying to "rattle" him.

Anyway, this guy had shoved on me a few times and I also found it annoying.

There was one guy to my right who was chipped up and obviously a good player. We were in a blind on blind stiuation and I had 7 4. We both saw a flop of 8 9 10. I checked to him and he made an oversize pot bet, which I then shoved. I was a little nervous when he announced call, but was relieved to see him have 7 3 lol. CHOP "Proper poker" he commented.

So down to 26 players with top 18 getting paid, I find AQ in late position and raise. The "one move" charlie then goes all in, and I called (he had me covered). I had 38k at this time so was a big big call but I wanted to win, not just place.

To my dismay he flipped AK and I was drawing pretty thin on a blank flop, but the turn was a Q and I doubled up. This left the guy on approx 35k.

With blinds at 2000 4000 with a 200 ante I find 10 10 in late position and again raise, the same guy then shoves and I insta call. He flips KK and i loose the chips back to him I had just gained.

I was a little annoyed that I did not even consider the re raise size, I was playing "personal" poker - something I had not been guilty of before in any tourney at Binions. I am not sure that I would of passed anyway, but I was annoyed that I had not even considered anything!!

This then left me 40k again and after card dead, with no oppotunities to make moves either, 2 rounds later saw me VERY short with just 23k.

I had the BB of 4000 and a guy in early position raises to 12k. All fold to me and I again look down to find 10 10.

THIS time I gave alot of thought as to what to do. It was only 11k move if I shoved and I could not see him folding. My thought process was : 1) fold and shove first on another hand or 2) call the raise and shove on any non A board. I could not make up my mind what to do - a clock was called and I eventually went for option 2 - just call and shove my last 11k on a non Ace board.

Well the board came K J 5 - and I shoved. He called with AJ and I was out.

Again disapointed to go out so deep, but again pleased with how I played, apart from the 10 10 hand mentioned above where I called the all in without any thought process.

A mention to Mr Moves Pal (Cant remember his name) who I believe took this one down for $20k!! VERY WELL DONE!

I have a couple of other stories of the cash sessions I had, but will post them tomorrow.

Hope you have enjoyed the read.

I have no regrets of playing Binions instead of a couple of the wsop events, none whatsoever.

The tourneys were excellently ran, the staff were fantastic.

And, babysitter possible, I will be back for the 2nd Binions Annual Classic next year - with Charmaine ;)

The first $500 tourney

Over 200 runners for this event, and I got up late, VERY late!!

The comp started at 2pm, I had set my alarm for 12.30.

Not a good alarm, I slept through it and woke up at 5 to 2!!!!

So a quick shower, change and off the Binnions. I arrived at 2.40 and joined in.

Not much of my 10k starting stack had gone and it was down to business. Although arriving late, and not my usual "relaxed" preparation, I felt good and focused.

Again I played VERY well and stayed above average stack right the way through. Then disaster struck :(

Down to 79 , Av around the 24k mark and I have dropped to 18500 and have 55 on the BB (Blinds 600 1200 with 100 ante)

Serial raiser raises to 3200, small stack goes all in for 3000 and I think of putting a BIG raise here to try and take on the short stack myself, but change my mind and flat call.

I checked dark and didnt even watch the flop, I just heard the guy say "5000"

I look up and see a flop of 8 5 8 - BINGO!!


He calls, so pot is 40k+

He has AA

Turn A

River - just to make sure - is an 8

Gutted with that one!! With him just having 4 outs on that flop and hitting 2 of them :(

Just wasnt to be

Day off Monday - wel that was the plan!

Monday was going to be my day off with only the $150 limit tourney going on.

I did not play the Limit tourney but found myself in Binnions at 7pm. They were running STT's for a seat into the $500 events and going on the standard of play from what I had seen, I thought this would be a cheap way of getting in, so I signed up for one.

I was waiting over an hour for this STT to get going when they announced the start of their nightly $70 + one $40 rebuy tourney.

Sick as I am I decided to pull from the STT and play this while I was waiting.

Well wait I did, and wait and wait lol - I did not need to play a STT as I again went deep into this comp. WIth 20 left and only 10 being paid, I had 11k. That final 2 tables was the easiest tavle I have ever played on. I stole and restole my way to take 85k to the final table! I even had the button (on my BB) saying "I should raise with this hand, but I know if I do, you will shove" lol - how good do you ever want it? :)

Well the final table didnt last too long as the blinds were HUGE! It was eventually chopped 7 ways for over 3rd place money of just over $900.

$100 rebuy

This comp had a field just over 200 (from memory) and after rebuying straight away, I did not need another rebuy. I took the add on making a total of $300 invested to give me a starting stack (after adding on) of 18k - quite reasonable.

Steady progress of my stack took me again deep and again over average chips. But again faliure :(

Although I did cash in 17th place for just under $600, I was again disapointed to go so deep without a "proper" cash.

$1000 p/l omaha

A relatively small field of 123 for this event. I suppose the buy in was a little stiff for the "downtown" croud. Although it did bring in a few "named" players. I spotted Mark Goodwin, Jonny Houston, Michael Greco, and I an Woodley - there may of been others but I was fully focused on this one!

I got off to a slow start, never getting above my 20,000 starting stack in the first 3 levels. The next 3 levels saw me miss some big draws to leave me down to 12k.

Mark goodwin was moved to our table, sitting 2 to my right I found it very tricky due to his aggression. Anyway, he was going on nicely then lost a HUGE pot to a guy hitting a miracle river.

This seemed to upset him somewhat and his game changed. I took the oppotunity pre flop to get it all in against him - which he obliged and although I was not a big favorite, my hand stood up and I was on almost 30k.

I continued to climb to 70k at the dinner break and with 3 tables left, I was sitting above average and deep into another tourney again!

One Time! I kept telling myself, One time!!

On my return from dinner, I saw Ian Woodley, he was still in sitting on just over 30k. I was tempted to offer him a savor of 10% but changed my mind. This was to proove costly :(

Things once again started to go wrong and I dropped 20k quite quickly, while Ian had doubled up.

With 17 left, I was dealt Qh Qd 8d 9h and raised preflop. I got one caller, this French guy who was ultra aggressive. He had just won a massive 300k pot by hitting a one outer after pulling of a super move. He was invloved in a pot with this guy who had approx 140k. There had been action pre and post flop on a 5 5 7 board. It went crazy when the turn came a 2. The frenchman bet pot, the other guy re raised pot and the frenchman moved all in. The guy took an eternity to call but eventually did holding just the 5 with no redraw (cept the FH draw of course). The Frenchman announced "good call" "I just have the 7. So cards on their back and one guy says "you only have one out, I passed a 7"
Sure enough the river came the case 7!!

Anyway, back to my hand. Qh Qd 8d 9h

Flop came 10h Jh 2c. I was first to act and I knew if I checked, he would bet the pot, THEN I could move all in. So I checked.

He bet the pot and I moved all in. After about a minute, the Frenchman says "I am on a draw" " I Call"

He was indeed on a draw, the nut flush draw, so I was ahead and had plenty of redraw outs.
The turn came a blank, the river,,,, yep an Ace.

So so so gutted over this one.

ANOTHER comp well played and deep, but with no cash :(

SO back to that saver I was going to offer Ian Woodley, well I should have, he went on to make the final table and chop it 4 ways for a nice tidy cash.

$150 nlh

MASSIVE 498 turnout for this event! Giving a nice little payday for the winner for such a small outlay.

I managed to double up very early on, thanks to some real bad play on my starting table and stayed way above average until 70 odd left, then it all went wrong.

A few mistimed steals/re steals saw me drop below average for the first time in the day. My final hand was KK vs AQ - a big call from the AQ I thought. I raised from late position, the BB re raised and I shoved for the rest of my stack. He called off 80% of his stack and caught the Ace.

That was the end of that comp. I was very disapointed to finish here as I was playing really well all tourney.

Tomorrow is the $1000 p/l omaha tourney.

2 7 Tripple Draw

My first ever time of playing this game. Had a 10 minute read on the Internet the day before.
Basically it is a low game, with A counting as high, and straights and flushes are bad.
You get dealt 5 cards, then you can discard how ever many cards you like and get given cards back. The draw happens 3 times with rounds of betting inbetween.
So best hand is 2 3 4 5 7 off suit.

How hard could it be?

Well the answer is not that hard, but it is hard to make hands!

Just an example, I was dealt A 2 3 4 5 off suit off the bat and was on the button. I raised the bet and discarded one card, the Ace.
I then get dealt a 6, still no good but I am drawing to the nuts, so I raise the bet again.
Then discard the 6 and get dealt ANOTHER 6.
Still a good hand, I raise the bet again.
The pot at this stage was quite big.
I discard the 6 and get dealt an Ace back :( and have to give up the pot.

I got deep, but not deep enough to cash.

All in all I enjoyed the game, but can be VERY frustrating at times.

Next stop is the $150 nlh event.