Thursday, June 28, 2007

$100 Stud Hi Lo Limit

Woke up with around 90 minutes to the start of this tourney, and wasnt in the mood to play really, but eventually got dressed and headed for Binions.

Again a HUGE field of almost 300 runners for this. 3500 starting stack.

I managed to quickly get to 10k and continued to build upto 37k after the 3rd break which was well over the average.

I proceeded to do 10k in chips in 3 pots against shorties.

Left me with 27k (still over average) which I took to 100k with 20 left.

There was $7k for the winner with 32 places being paid, 9th was worth $390.

It was eventually chopped 12 ways for over 4th place money - total crapshoot.

Collusion story for you :
Down to 19 left and someone proposes a 19 way chop for $1000 each. I was the first to object. With 100k I could go to the river and loose 2 times and STILL have 30k left.One woman took real offence me to objecting.Down to 14 and I have 105k but the blinds have increased twice, making it a real crapshoot, if I go to the river and loose, I am left with under 20k.So now I agree to the deal (proposed again by someone else). This woman who took offence to me objecting earlier then says "No" just because I have now said "yes" - Fair enough, she has every right to do this,,,,,, but, then this happened :
I over hear her say this to the person sitting next to her :
"Its mine and your job to knock him out (meaning me) then I will do the split"

Immediatley I call the floor and say she should be ejected from the tournamnet for cheating. A huge row errupts, she is still kept in the tourney. Even the person she said it to said that she had indeed said that to her, word for word.Anyway, eventually a chop was done giving everyone over 4th place money.

So, a nice return on a $100 and back to business tomorrow in the 2 - 7 tripple draw.

Spirits obviously lifted a bit now

$200 omaha 8 limit

This post is a bit late, but all will become clear as to why later....

Really looking foward to this one, having been quite successfull online with this game.

Again a BIG field and we are off!

Nothing really happened for me except from bouncing from 5000 to 6000 to 3000 to 6000 etc...

The I pick up a huge draw , nut low draw, nut flush draw. I check raise a guy TWICE!! and he STILL bets into me on the river with 2nd pair and no low :(

So that was the end of that. I think I went out around the 60 mark again, so feeling dejected, I did the sensible thing. NOT!!

I went and sat in a $1 $2 n/l game. The game was mad with most sitting at around $1500 deep. I sat with $300 and as the table was VERY loose, I just played tight and was waiting for my big hands to get paid off. I slowly built it up to $600.

There was one guy (sat with >$2000) who was playing real mad, and calling down people with 2nd pair ect... He had doubled this one person up twice, and doubled 3 others at the table.

I am going to leave, and decide to play "just one more round". Fatal!

On the last hand for me I get 44 UTG and limp in. Called and then raised to $20, which was called by 2 others. I call.

So 4 to the flop and it comes 2 4 8 rainbow. BINGO!!

I check, the mad guy bets $50, all fold to me and I make it $200. He calls

Turn comes a 9. I move all in for $350ish and he calls.

FLips over 99 for the 2 outer and that was that.

So now 6am and feeling real sorry for myself home, I brave the walk from Binions to Elcortez, it aint pretty at that time of the night.

Felt so low that I was ready to change my flights and come home. It was really that bad.

To be coninued.................

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

$200 limit tourney

Well it was my 2nd tourney today, the $200 limit holdem. Yes I said "Limit" lol

Not my choice of tourneys really, but worth a crack.

140 runners with 30 min clock and 5000 starting stack. 1st was gonna be $7k and paying 14 places

First break came and we were down to 139, I had just above average stack, and stayed there until aprox 70 left. Then it all went wrong. I had 10 J 3 times and ended up doing 3xbb on all three ocasions as the flop came A K x or A Q x. This leeft me short, which was disapointing after playing well for 5 hours. Final hand was a stand in the BB - I did get 5 way action so I would of been right back in it had I of won that hand, but it wasnt to be.

So 2 tourneys down and no cash yet :(

Tomorrow is the $150 limit omaha 8

Monday, June 25, 2007

$150 p/l Omaha 8

Well first of all, the walk from El Cortez to Binnions takes about 5 minutes - I felt very safe.

Over 200 for this comp which was a good turnout, 30 minute clock but with only 4000 I felt it was important to get off to a good start.

I had only bumped into NoFlops in Binnions, and when I get to my table, who do I find? Yep NoFlops!!!

What are the odds of that! lol

Well not much to say about the comp, I never hit a single flop and busted just before the first break.

Tomorrow is the $200 limit tourney.

I did play a little cash - in Binnions just to pass the time away, it was only a $1 $3 limit game but what fun.

Made more so as it was "spread" limit - wtf is that all about? lol

I did manage to make a few $'s before hitting the Bed early.

Again, coming here I have had no trouble adjusting to the time zone, but I hope that when I get home, I adjust back to UK time alot quicker than last year!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Greetings from Vegas!!

Arrived in Vegas safe and sound, but not without a few hickups along the way.
I managed to talk my step dad into meeting me at my house at 5am to take me to Heathrow. We took my car and the drive down was smooth - unlike last year when I almost missed my flight!!

I check in with 2 hours to spare and decide to get some breakfast. Phone rings, its my step dad, he is on the M25 and has a puncture! In the side wall aswell so no chance of a repair - thats gonna cost me £90. Good start!

Flight to Miami went without a hitch, some sleep and 8 hours later I arrive in Miami. I have to collect my suitcase and here is where the problem starts. I have no idea where to go as I have to give them my suitcase for the next flight but my flight is not for another 6 hours!!!! The only desks I can see are for checking in, which is not want I need to do as my bags were already checked in at Heathrow for Las Vegas.

Finally find someone who tells me I need to give my suitcase to a person at checkpoint 4, which I do but the man just takes it and doesnot come back! I am unconvinced that my bag will make the next plane journey, but Fuck it, I didnt care! lol

So with 6 hours to kill I am boored shitless, cant smoke in the airport and have to go outside which is 36c - hot hot hot!

With 2 hours left, I decide to go through the security, as long as I can smoke somewhere in there. I ask the bloke on the gate and he says "yes you can smoke" so I join the que, belt off , shoes off, coins etc... into a box to be screened. All is well until I get through and you cant smoke!!! Bollox!! So with an up and coming 5 hour flight, I have another 2 hours when I cant smoke!!! I decide that I cant be bothered to go back through the security check to go outside for a smoke.

The flight was cramped, no food, no tv and I couldnt sleep, sooo booring!!! Also was 30 minutes delayed. I can honestly say that was the worse flight I have been on. Finally get to Vegas and collect my bag (phew!) and outside for a smoke, its 11.30pm and now I face a 300+ queue for Taxi's :(

Goto Orleans and meet Pab( he is letting me stay that night as I didnt check in to my Hotel until the next day), have a beer or two with him and he goes to bed, I go and play the cash game, was planning just an hour or so, but turned into a marrathon session until 3pm the next day!! So I didnt need Pab's room to sleep! lol.

So, now I am nackered, and get a taxi to Hotel and have a problem with check in cos I paid with Mums CC and they want to see the CC, even though I phoned to make sure it was ok. They would not let me check in!! I am not in the best of moods and start shouting. I am escorted to security :( . Eventually I am allowed to check in, until Monday that is when the Manager comes in to try to sort things out.

Room is VERY nice, as big as the rooms at The Orleans and for a fracture of the price, only $568 for 2 weeks - cant go wrong. I would recomend El Cortez to anyone. Food is good and cheap. Have not ventured out yet, but am going to after posting this as I am off to Binions for the $150 p/l omaha 8. I am told it is just a 10 minute walk and aparantly safe even at night!

Off now, hopefully next entry will be good news about a result in the p/l omaha 8 :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

VEGAS 2007

Am playing the following for definate (and maybe others , depends on results)
Binions :
Sunday June - 24 4pm Pot-Limit Omaha 8 or better $150 4,000
Monday June - 25 2pm Limit Hold'em $200 5,000
Tuesday June - 26 2pm Limit Omaha 8 or better $200 5,000
Wednesday June - 27 2pm Seven Card Stud 8 or better $100 3,500
Thursday June - 28 2pm Limit 2-7 Triple Draw $100 3,500
Friday June - 29 2pm No-Limit Hold'em $150 4,000
Saturday June - 30 12pm Pot Limit Omaha $1,000 20,000
Sunday July - 1 4pm No-Limit Hold'em w/rebuys $100 3,500
Tuesday July - 3 2pm No-Limit Hold'em $500 10,000
Wednesday July - 4 2pm No-Limit Hold'em $500 10,000

Hopefully some nice cashes.Have not played so many live events this close but am looking foward to it, specially the Stud and 2-7 draw.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Well after busting out of 2 WSOP qualifiers deep with AA vs 77 and AQ vs AJ, Vegas was looking like next year for me.
With 3 VERY good live cash sessions, it is now a reality.
I am going out on the 23rd June till the 5th July.
I plan to play all the Binions comps (cept for the 2-7)
See you all out there!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Lazy Me

Where do I start?

Well I started to write down headlines of the stories I wanted to post on my blog. This "list" of headlines got to about 15 from memory thinking "I will do it later".

Later never seems to happen though. Running your own business, having a family AND playing poker does not leave much time. Consequently, my blog has not been updated for a while.

As for that "list" , some of the items are almost 3 months old now and I feel that they are probably left unsaid.

So, whats been happening with me? Well I am still playing live and online cash, with a few online tourneys. The live scene has not been happening for a month or so, usual of getting above average stack with 2 tables left and pushing for a BIG stack to take to the final and running into some "dubious" calls leaving me out just before the money. Most of these tourneys I could of got to the final table no trouble, but would of had a below average stack - which is not what I am looking for.

Having said that Mr Moves told me of a little tourney in AKMK (google for it you will find it). It was a £125 f/o with £3k guaranteed. The field was obviously small , 30 from memory and paying top 5. Ist was still £1500 so not to be sniffed at. I managed to final and progress to the last 3 where I ran into 10 10. £500 for 3rd was not too bad though. The cash action was real good though, a 50p £1 4 card omaha game. Although the blinds were small this did not deter from big pots. I sat with £100 and proceeded to do this in 2 hands! lol. So I pull another £300. I get involved with Mr Moves (who had similar stack) where I flop the nut str8 and have a redraw for the higher str8. We get it all in. Mr Moves had top 2 and a str8 draw. He filled up on the turn so that left me £400 down after about an hour! I pull another £100 and finally after 3 hours I leave with £480. I have to mention the club again. It is on an industrial estate but dont let that put you off. They look after you really well and it is dealer dealt. For anyone who is reading this and was there "I'll have a pint of fairy liquid please lol"

Back to poker, and online things have not been good over the last 5 weeks. I have dropped a shed load playing £1 £2 n/l. No bad beat stories here but some of the hands are absolute shockers. It has been a combination of cold decks, missed big draws and idiots calling and hitting with rubbish. The last 3 sessions have been £300 to the good, but I have a LONG way to go to recover the losses for the last 5 weeks!

Online I have cashed in a few tourneys (probably 50% as I have not played many) but no real cashes to note.

Plans for the coming month? Well I had planned to goto Vegas for the Binnions tourneys, from 18th June to 6th July but this looks doubtfull now. I have not given up yet though, still just over a week to find a good score. I am going to try and win a WSOP package online - where they pay you the cash. Hopefully will make it.

I have spoken to alot of people who seem to be struggling online, I think the game has changed alot in the last 4 years or so - I used to make money purely by playing tourneys, I do not think this is possible anymore and is a view shared by many.

Live cash I am getting into Dealers choice. These games are very juicy and you can turn £100 into a £1000 in a night with the right hands. Super stud is becoming one of my favorite games to play atm.

Anyway, enough ramblings. Hopefully I can do another update within the next 3 months! lol

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sick of the "little guy" being trodden on by the "Big Boys"?

On June 28th Dusk till Dawn, must submit evidence it intends to use at its hearing on September 24th 2007, for a gambling license. The club must prove that there is sufficient demand in the Nottingham area to allow its existence, failing to do so will result in the end of Dusk till Dawn.
The club has many obstacles to overcome. The hearing lasts four days and in that time three casino giants, Gala, Stanley's and London Clubs International will do everything in their power to make sure the doors of the club never open.
However, there is something YOU can do about it. The best way to prove demand for the club is to show the magistrate the number of people who have signed up to become members.
So if YOU think that poker shouldn't be controlled by a few casino bosses log on to and sign up. It costs nothing and only takes a couple of minutes.
Rob Yong, Managing Director of DTD, says: "We have a tough struggle ahead of us but with the support of the poker community behind us I know we can be victorious."

News from DTD...........

At 8.30pm June 4th DTD hosted its first ever deep stack tournament. Costing $200 + $10 to enter, the event was attended by 42 players many of whom were DTD staff or sponsored pros.
The event was attended by such players as Simon Trumper, Paul Jackson, Michael Greco and Dave Colclough.
Despite the deep stack nature of the tournament it wasn't a very long lasting event due to the aggressive nature of some of the players. The event finished at 11.49pm just over three hours later with 'Battery' emerging as weekly champion.
The final prize pool consisted of $8,400 and the top fives places were paid out:
Battery = $3,360NOflOp = $2,016Razor = $1,344Jreinhold = $1,008Doubleit = $672
DTD's own Simon Trumper just missed out on the money coming 7th and Michael Greco was awarded the wooden spoon being first out followed closely behind by DTD Managing Director Rob Yong!
If you'd like to test yourself against the DTD crew or fancy playing a deep stack tournament go to DTDPoker on June 11th before 8.30pm and enter the 'Tourney' section. The tournament is under 'DTD $200 weekly.'