Sunday, February 10, 2008

Poker Plan for 2008 on hold for a while

Well the plan (as mentioned in my last post) was to deposit £1000 into one poker site and concentrate on creating a bankroll by playing low level cash - This is still the plan but I have yet to start.

January/Februray has already seen me spend out for a new 42" Plasma (our CRT is definatelt on the way out, purple streaks accross the screen!) and a new Leather 3 piece (ours is looking a bit tatty) so money is tight at the mo as I dont do credit cards/loans/buy now pay later - everything I buy is cash.

I have however managed a couple visits to Luton for some live Tournament poker, namely the £50 one rebuy/add on and the Sunday £100 f/o with some success, two minor cashes and a 3rd last wednesday - Hence the new purchases!

Online, I have played a couple of the $100 deepstack f/o on Ipoker, but have failed around the 20th to 30th mark - not bad beats, just bad situations. I could of cruised into the money and a few years ago that is what I would of done - but Poker is about learning and I have learnt along time ago that this is not the way to win tournament poker.

I have also been adopting the "build a monster stack" before getting to the money - yes it has led to me bust out earlier than I normally would have, but so close to taking a big stack to the money.

Even though Internet poker has changed, and I have to adapt everytime I play online, I still feel I am +ev in good structured online tourneys.

I will be missing the £100 f/o at Luton this weekend due to winning a $270 sat seat for the Walsall GUKPT. I qualified for this in a $20 rebuy event - outlay was $40.

I have also qualified for the Virgin fessie in April - a £100 deepstack event with £5k added. You cannot buy into this event and it is the second year it has run - I remember last year spending close to £400 trying to qualify! Luckily this year, first attempt ;)

Well thats all for now, will end this post by wishing Jim McShane all the best for his move to Vegas on Wednesday - he will be missed at Luton, but at least it will be one less "good" player to cope with in the DC cash game ;)