Thursday, October 20, 2005

Online Game

My online game has not been upto scratch, till this month anyway.

I took 1st place in the $7.5k on VC (a tourney I used to F/T on alot) ($3740)
I also took 5th in the £35k on Will Hill (£2000)
And around 8 other F/T placings (approx $3000)
Also won my seat to Slovenia Heads up at the end of Nov. ($4500)
Also won my seat to the EPT event Dublin next week end. ($6000)

Reports to follow................

£500 main event at Brighton

Decided to give this one a bash, having missed out on qualifying for the Grosvener Grand Prix.

Drawn my seat and was upstairs.
It was a double chance freezeout, 4000 chips to start and 4000 in arrears.
A few people at my table took the extra 4000 at the start, but i decided to wait a while.
3rd hand into the comp and one of the guys who had got his extra 4000 at the start makes it 200 to play, all folded to another guy who also took his 4000 at the start, re raised to 600. Then the origional raiser makes it 1000 to go and is called.
Flop came J high with 2 clubs.
Origional raiser makes it 1000 to play, the re raiser announces "all in" and is called VERY quickly.
Set over Set me thinks??? But no, the guy who went all in had Ac Kc (nut flush draw) so I can sort of understand his play, but the guy who called in a flash turns over pocket Aces.
In my opinion, this was NOT an automatic call, and I would of probably passed here.
Anyway, the Aces held up and we had lost one already.
My table was a strange one. You could not make any moves as they were calling large bets (on any street) with middle pair. So it was a question of waiting to hit that hand and get paid off.
Well i had 2 hands that got paid off and after 4 hours, got moved - I hate getting moved as I had a REAL good read on the players.
Anyway, the table I went to had the c/l on and Dave C (chipped up as well) - At this point we were down to 5 tables.
Dave C was being his usual aggressive self, raising MOST pots before the flop and taking most of them down post flop. On one occasion, the chip leader took offence and re raised Dave C all in preflop. Dave sat there and said "do i want to gamble?" "ok" he said and called. He flips over 99 vs AK. His 99 held up and he became the new c/l.
Shortly after this the table broke and now down to 4 tables. Mark Bannin was on my table and so was a mountain of chips.
I had 28k with blinds 800 1600 so was sitting ok.
One aggressor was raising my BB ALL the time and I decided to call just to see what he did. At this point I am down to 16000 after calling his raise.
Flop comes rags , i check and so does he.
Turn comes Q, i think about betting, but decide to check, as does he
Then the river bought a str8 card. a 6 would make the straight. So i looked at my cards, looked at the board, then bet 6000 (picked 6000 for a reason!!) he floded. BTW I had K high. Nice pot.
From there i got AA in first position and decided to min raise. BB calls. Flop came QQ rag. He checked, so did I. Turn = rag, he checked so i made a pot size bet and took it down - showed the AA.
About 20 minutes later I find AA in first position again and this time decided to go all in for 32k (blinds now 1500 3000). Got one caller who was up out of his seat waving his cards around. He had KK. So i showed my AA.
At this point is where I got annoyed, he starts shouting for a King over and over again. Sure enough the flop bought that dreded King - HE WENT MENTAL!! Banging the table and shouting "yes" over and over again. I just sat there quietly, the turn bought the 4th king and that was the end of me. That one hand would of put me on 65k with 24 left (The average on F/T would of been 80k)
GET IT QUIETLY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! (No etiquete some people)

Just one more thing to mention, that last table was a "bad beat" table, as I saw pok 4's beat AA by spiking a 4 on the river. Then the same guy took his pok 6's vs 10 10 home by spiking a 6 on the river. Also 88 cracked AA.

I feel I played VERY solid in this tourney and felt good about actually winning it - then the poker gods interviened with those Kings on the flop. But all in all, very happy with how i played

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

£500 main event at Gutshot

Not much to say about this one.

Had my usual start of no cards, but managed to scrape enough pots/blinds to stay alive.

About 5 or so hours into the tourney, I am on 9700 chips , Blinds now 250 500(started with 8000) and have an aggressive player to my right in first position he makes it 1500 to play.

I look down and find pocket Aces - and make it 4500 to play.

A short stack of 6000 on the button announces "All in", SB and BB fold.

Then that magical comment from the aggressive player to my right "How many chips do you have left?" I tell him about 6000 and he says "OK I'll set you all in"

So now just under 27000 in the pot (with 80 odd left this is a top 5 chip stack)

Short stack turns over 10 10
Guy to my right turns over K K

Flop comes 4 9 Q - All good so far

Then came the turn = K and I was out.

Sat down for a while, then went and played a £50 pot limit holdem cash game and proceeded to make just over £500 (which was my buy in back)

So all in all, pleased with the way I played, just unlucky to loose to that 2 outer.

I feel my time is coming!!

Next event is either the Grosvener Grand Prix on the Brighton Festival.