Saturday, September 27, 2008

£250 Circus event in Luton

Going to play this one tonight. It is a 2 day jobbie with 15k chips and a 40 min clock with £5k guaranteed for the winner. Luton G had a similar comp on Friday/Sat but sadly only 39 runners.

Wonder how many this comp will get? With the Guarantee they need 50 to break even. Will the guarantee mean an improvement on Luton G's numbers?

We shall see.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Paid in today!!

Well im now registered for the Irish Poker Fessie in Killarney, so just the travle and accomodation to sort.

Should be a cracking weekend!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ladbrokes Irish Poker Festival, Killarney 2008

I am thinking of going to this event (Full details below)

If anyone wants to tag along (or if you are going already) I am interested in room share to save on costs - please email me


Ladbrokes are proud sponsors of the Irish Poker Festival - Killarney 2008 which includes the €250,000 guaranteed Main Event. The 3 day Festival will be held between the 2nd to the 5th of October 2008, at the Irish National Events centre in Killarney, Co Kerry, Ireland.

Festival Poker Schedule: Thursday 2nd October (19:30 start)
  • Main Event Super Satellite (20 tickets guaranteed)
  • €50 + €10 – Re-buy Event
Friday 3rd October (16:00 start)
  • Main Event – 3 Days
  • €500 + €50 Freezeout, €250,000 guaranteed prize pool. 15,000 chips, 1 hour clock.
Saturday 4th October (16:00 start)
  • 2 Day Event
  • €270 + €30 Freezeout
  • €60,000 Est Prizepool
  • 10,000 chips, 40 minute clock
Sunday 5th October (15:00 start)
  • 1 Day Event
  • €150 + €20 Freezeout
  • €25,000 Est Prizepool
  • 8,000 chips, 30 minute clock

What is it with 3rd being a stumbling block?

This weekend saw another choice for me - I usually play the Western's £250 + £100 2 day comp. 10k chips with an "optional" 10k rebuy/add on. This comp always clashes with DTD's 321 £300 2 day comp.
Having given it some thought (and the fact that the western increased the buy in to £300 + £100) I decided to travel to DTD. Both comps are £20k guarantee's. So i log onto DTD poker, buy in online and set off for Nottingham.
The comp itself has a lovely structure - 45 minute levels starting at 25 50 with the ante's kicking in at 100 200. 10k chips to start.
The draw is made and I am on the same table as TK - even sitting next to him.
I make good progress and am soon on 18k but a few lost pots later I find myself down to 7k ish - but with the structure I was still not in any trouble. I managed to hit a set of 7's against someone holding AA who could not release on the low flop putting me above 15k again. I increased my stack to almost 30k - even running into TK holding Aces twice and him flopping the nut flush who checked to the river - when the board paired and i fired out a bet - he called.
Late into day 1 I get involved in a hand with Richard Berridge - it was a SB BB confrontation, I was the BB. He made a standard raise from the SB and I decided to see a flop with K 8 hearts. The flop came J 5 7 with two hearts. He bet out 3k (as I expect him to) and I decide to take another card. It comes a non heart 6 and he checks to me. I try and take the pot here and fire out 7k - I overbet this only leaving myself with 16k - Richard immediately comes over the top and sets me all in.
Decision time - with overbetting the turn I had only left myself 16k but with a chance of winning the pot (over 50k) I felt my draw and the pot was too good a chance to pass up and make the call.
Richard turns over AJ for TPTK but the river comes a heart and I now have over 50k and am probably close to chip lead.
I finish the day with 46k sitting 9th from 30 odd.
2nd day sees me yoyo somewhat, but not making much progress and then the dreaded bubble comes - this was after 4 complete levels of 16 players left!!
The bubble is where I have exited alot of comps - maybe I tend to become too aggressive but I continued to put people to the test - getting all in plenty of times only to be looked up 3 or 4 times - on all occasions I find myself dominated (QJ vs AJ and Q7 vs AQ etc) everytime I hit. The bubble finally burst and I find myself winning a huge pot with KQsuited. This chinese guy (good player) had been using position very well and had raised my BB several times. On this occasion I decided to make a stand with KQ diamonds and shove over the top of him for 80k!! To my horror he called and showed AJ - I hit a K to take him out and see me make the final table with 140k (3rd I believe)
Again I went for the win - getting lucky a few times but we all need to get lucky dont we?
Soon it is 3 handed so £4.5k locked up but I wanted the £11k first place - it was not to be and finally went out holding 99 vs AK. It was my BB and he raised to 50k (blinds were 8k 16k) I had 170k. I thought about flat calling and shoving on a non AK board but took the all in approach - he called and hit a K on the turn.

So back to the title, I cannot seem to break the 3rd mark in bigger comps - but I will continue and feel that the big win is just around the corner.

Fantastic structure at DTD.