Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Inbetween Dublin and Slovenia

I decided to go to Sheffield to play the main event of the festival, a £750 double chance freezeout.

Started really well, and continued to mass chips. Upto 32k.
Then things went wrong, my big pairs were being beaten by better hands, also my steal attempts were not working and I got down to 15K (around 12xbb) and I was SB. All fold to me and I have pok 10's.

I decided this was the correct time to get clever and try and double up on my opponent in the BB who was a "tad aggressive" shall we say.

I limped in, knowing that he would raise to approx 4k to play. Sure enough he did, and I went over the top all in. They called. Trouble was, they had JJ and out I went.

Again, no regrets about the play.

The only other thing I would say on this comp is the way certain people conducted themselves.
Now I know i do not like to rush any decisions involving a good proportion of my stack, but this is methodiacal thinking , back tracking the hand in my head and trying to deduce weather I am beat or not. Now to some this could seem to be slow playing, but I can assure you it isnt!

It also doesnt happen too often, just when it is for a large portion of my stack.
I also feel that if people think it is too long, they are MORE than entitled to call the clock on me - this I dont mind either, and why would I?

Well there was one hand when I hit top pair (J) and K kicker on the flop. The guy bet and I called, he then immediately goes all in on the turn (which was a rag) - no flush draw, but there was a str8 draw.

Now I probably took 2 minutes to decide what to do (it was for 20-25% of my stack to call). During which time John Falkner called the clock on me - fair enough. Eventually I passed the hand and they showed me AJ.

The thing which annoyed me (although I didnt let it show) was that Simon Nowab came over to chat to John Falkner while we were playing (as I understand it, spectators were not allowed, so what was he doing there in the first place?!?), and commented to John Falkner "oh no, not him, if he takes longer than 30 seconds, put the clock on him" - pointing to me.

Now maybe this was ment in jest I dont know, and frankly doesnt matter. It was an unnecessary comment while our game was in progress and in my view should not have been made. Now if Simon Nowab was playing at our table, he could of made that comment as I know table talk is part of the game, but table talk from a spectator?!?

This did not affect my game, as I have made that mistake before.

Ok rant over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Monday, November 07, 2005

EPT Dublin

Well the trip started well. NOT!!

Got stuck on the M11 to stanstead for over an hour, and thought I was gonna miss my flight. I rushed through the check in, ran to the gate, onlt to be told the flight had been delayed. Phew, I thought, at least I didnt miss the flight.

Well, 5 hours later,, yes 5 HOURS!!!!!!!! , we took off!!

I got to my Hotel at around 11.30pm and the checkin desk said there was a problem with my booking and I would have to go to another Hotel. This was the last straw to a terrible journey. I had booked this hotel as it was the only one I could find with Wifi in the rooms. The hotel they wanted to move me to didnt have ANY wifi!! I kicked up such a fuss, that they said I could stay in a double room for tonight, and they would find me alternative accomodation in the morning.

So I unpacked and headed to the casino for a look around. Didnt play poker, like i said, just went to look around.

Had a good nights sleep and woke up around 9.30. Went for breakfast (Full Irish breakfast,,,,,,, no different to a full english lol). I then showered and got dressed to go to the Casino for a buffet lunch before the main event. On my way out I informed reception that I would not be back until the early hours of the morning and they said I could stay in the double room for my entire stay at no extra charge - things were looking up!!

Well the buffet lunch was ok, but it was free.

Got drawn upstairs, and when I say upstairs, i mean RIGHT upstairs!! 5th floor!!
To those who have never been to The Merrion in Dublin, it is a House (a 5 story house)

It made the 15 minute breaks interesting! I mean, 200 odd people going down 5 flights of stairs and out to the "tent" to have a ciggie! THEN up 5 flights of stairs again - I needed a break AFTER the break! lol

Well not alot happened in the first couple of levels, except on my table, there were two "nutters" (i dont know how else to describe them) they were HUGELY overbetting pots and then showing a complete bluff (ie 7 3 o/s etc...) I knew they would clash. Sure enough they did. One of them had 11k and the other had 16K and it went something like "raise" "reraise" "re rerasie" "allin" "call".
One had QQ the other had a monster A10s!! Well the inevitable happened and the Ace hit the board. The person who had QQ was on 16k so now he was down to 5k and was steaming!!!

He was all in EVERY hand preflop (blinds were only 100 200) and he managed to get up to 7900 when this happened :

I was BB, there was one limper, then the nutter with 7900 also limped (i found this strange as I have said he was all in preflop every hand prior to this). There was also another limper and the SB folds.

So now 900 in the pot and I look down and find QQ. I am not convinced that the nutter DIDNT have Aces, so I decided to check.

Flop came 9 7 4 rainbow. and I checked.
The first limper threw his cards in (no idea why!!!)
Then this nutter went "all in"
It was folded round to me.
So now I was faced with the decision of risking my whole tourney on QQ into an unraised pot preflop.
I didnt know where I was, and decided to fold. SHOWING my queens.
The table went mad saying "how can you fold queens there!" well I had my reasons but was about to educate the rest of the table.
Well the nutter showed Q9 so I was in great shape, but I still think I made the correct decision to fold.

Still didnt see many hands and was moved downstairs late on (approx 60 left) and I was down to 5600 chips. Blinds were 400 800.
All i wanted was an oppotunity to steal some blinds or double up. Well I picked up K 10 hearts on the button and with 2 limpers infront of me , I decided this was a good oppotunity to pick up that pot there and then. So i moved all in.

The small blind passes, but the BB ALSO announces "all in" they had around 35k in chips so it gave me protection. So heads up!!

He turns over AJ, i dont mind those odds till I realised he had AJ hearts, so my flush draw was covered. Anyway a 10 hit the board and I took down a nice pot (neally trebbled up).

Also managed to gain even more chips, but was becoming harder as Luca (who was at my table) had around 22k chips and was allin whenever he could.
Well it was around 45 minutes till we broke for the day, I was BB. One limper and Luca says "allin" (for about the 12th time in the last hour). I looked down and find JJ.
I am convinced I am ahead, or at least 50 50 at worst. The blinds were 600 1200 and I had around 20k. Luca had 25k.
I decided to gamble and call, if i won that pot I was nicely setup for day 2.
He turns over 99 , but hits a 9 and I was out.
Yet another correct decision, I feel , so yes disapointed, but again pleased with how I played.

The next day I discovered that Luca had gone out early the 2nd day with AA vs KK when a K hit the flop - Sorry, but I had to smile (to myself of course)

I also played the 150 rebuy event, didnt have a rebuy but topped up. I went deep in this as well when UTG (Roy the Boy) raised 4xBB. I am next to act and getting short find JJ. Again I am convinced I am ahead of Roy, and decide to gamble that the people after me didnt have QQ KK or AA and announced all in. (was about 14xBB)

I got 2 callers, and roy the boy folded. The two callers BOTH had AK!! I am in great shape once again for a HUGE pot.
Flop rags, turn rags, river King and I was out.
Again no regrets about the move I made. I still cannot believe the 2nd caller with AK though - crazy play.

I also tried my hand at Live Omaha (been playing on the net with some success) and did ok, I made a few euro's, just couldnt string those big pots together, I would win one, then loose one.

All in all a great experience which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Oh, btw, was that room with the wifi worth it?!?!? HELL YEAH!! On the 2nd night, on my return from the Casino, I played $2 $4 p/l Omaha.
6 hands in i get A5 suited A6 suited.
Raised pot and got 4 callers.
Flop comes 3 4 k (two to my suit), again I raise pot and get 3 callers.
Turn card comes rag but now I have BOTH nut flush draws and open ended str8
This time, I check hoping for one of them to bet. Which they did so I re raised all in ($400) and they ALL called!!!!
River bought me the nut flush!! A nice $1500 profit for 10 minutes work.

Hope you enjoyed my report.

Slovenia next..............